A recent fusillade of storms, hail and high water was a vivid reminder that we need to keep the lights on, no matter what Mother Nature throws at us. Every threat is an opportunity for disruption and reinvention. As we talk about infrastructure, why wouldn't we try to make everything we do more storm-resilient, flood-proof and drought-tolerant?

I'm still waiting for 3M (or grad students in a garage) to invent and market hail-proof film I can stick on my car. Hail-resistant shingles? Basements that don't flood? Road surfaces, pipes and culverts that can better handle 21st century downpours? Crops less susceptible to drought (and standing water)? Someone is going to invent this stuff — it should be cooked up right here at home.

We get a break from raging storms into Friday morning, but showers and T-storms return late Friday. A cooling trend is inevitable; we may not climb out of the 60s on Sunday. The mercury mellows next week; a few of the models are now hinting at stinking hot weather by the 4th.