If Jon Snow can come back from the dead, why not Will Gardner?

Josh Charles, whose character was killed in a jawdropping twist in "The Good Wife" two seasons ago, returned for the series finale Sunday night -- and it wasn't just for the cast party.

A lot of fans are demading a re-trial this morning, ticked off that creators Michelle and Robert King didn't wrap up network TV's finest drama with a prettier bow.

"I've never been more disappointed in a show in my life," said one caller. "It left everything up in the air."



Dear reader: Watch again.

True, creators Michelle and Robert King didn't put a punctuation mark on every story. But it did leave us with a dramatically satifying, but emotional truth.

Alicia Florrick's heart didn't belong to Gov. Peter or boy-man Jason. It didn't even belong to the law fim, whose future seemed doomed after her would-be partner Diane said goodbye with a slap to the face.

It was always Will.

The numerous dream sequences, which included a hot and heavy make-out scene, confirmed that she was meant to sip wine into the sunset with her long-time friend -- and that any happy ending died the day he did in that courtroom shooting.

"I'll love you forever," she said, hugging the ghost in the episode's most emotional moment.

  So where does that leave Alicia?

Will she make it her mission in life to track down Jason, a dream catch -- for a 17-year-old who wants to spend a lost summer following Phish on motorcycle? WIll she repair damages with Diane and forge ahead with an all-female law firm that Beyonce would love to put on retainer? Is she destined to end up with a political seat of her own or perhaps even reach the richer office of Fox News analyst?

To answer any of those questions in a final hour would have been ludicrous and run against the spirit of the show. What made "Wife" such a rich viewing experience is that the creators left more blanks open than they filled, forcing viewers to do some thinking of their own.

I'm fine not knowing exactly what direction a great, complicated character like Alicia is going -- at least until Showtime gives us the inevitable spinoff, "Eli Gold."

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