"A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself," wrote Joseph Campbell. Today we honor men and women who gave everything, including their lives, to ensure that we can live in freedom, searching for our better angels, in this remarkable experiment of a nation.

With a son in the Navy, I have new empathy for families who have lost loved ones and all those serving today. Thank you doesn't seem nearly enough.

My hope is that you're sick and tired of lukewarm sunshine. If you were rooting for heavy rain on Memorial Day, you're in luck! A conga line of storms returns this week. Heavy rain is likely today — another surge of showers and T-storms Tuesday, when a few may turn severe over southern Minnesota.

Much of the nation has been battered by tornadoes — nearly 200 in the past week. Our cool bias has inoculated Minnesota from the most severe storms.

An inch or two of rain is possible before skies clear late in the week.