They come into your life; they show up in mine too. Those folks who decide –your- there friend, well at least as long as it is on their terms, then once you don’t measure up, whether the reason or a season, it’s over. And at the same time, for sure sometimes, it’s almost a relief. Sometimes I to do the ending of the so called friendships, they press to hard, in a direction, I won’t go, so then they go.

I can have a bad moment, an off day, or a rough week and over the course of my life I’ve had what some would call a subpar year, but my lifelong friends, through it all, are still with me today.

My real friends, they don’t make demands of what I’m supposed to be according to thee, or take advantage of what I am or what I am not.

I have friends that feel like an old hiking trail, a favorite fishing spot and I have friends that feel like a big old shade tree. And with the best places, times or people, It works both ways.

The longest relationships I share have the quiet times, offset by rowdy moments. More sunny days, than not. We share the attitude that the lakes we fish are half full, as opposed to half empty. It’s never a bad day outdoors and we spend every day we get as far away as possible from any actual door.

It’s not give and take, it’s never an eye for an eye, it won’t work if it’s a fifty- fifty deal, because with my pals, your all one hundred percent in or you are not, and it’s about sharing, not just the good, but the tough times too.

One of my very best friends, one of my longest lasting friendships involves, simply stated, the outdoors. We spend a lot of time together. Sometimes the outdoors rains on my parade. Over the years the outdoors has broken all my extremities save one right leg. Even after all that, I still like the outdoors with or without the pain.

More to the positive side, the outdoors has given me far too much to ever really repay it or keep things on a level playing field. So I adhere to some of the old adages, leave no trace or minimal impact, as I enter and exit the outdoors. With the human friends that works well, as well.

The trout whisperer

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