Are you ready for a new Prince album?

More than two years after his death, the Minnesota music icon apparently will release an album of previously unreleased material on Sept. 28, according to Troy Carter, entertainment adviser to Prince’s estate.

Carter revealed the information Monday in an exclusive interview with Jem Aswad, a longtime writer for music industry publications, conducted the interview.

Carter, who holds a top executive job at Spotify in addition to this outside assignment with Prince's estate, did not offer details about the content, other than it will be “time specific.” Warner Bros. executive Michael Howe, who has been working on Prince’s archives, is involved. He put together last week’s release of the single “Nothing Compares 2 U” by the Purple One. The new album will be on Warners.

Carter explained that archivists are going through the unreleased recordings from Prince’s Paisley Park vault, the contents of which were moved to a climate-controlled Iron Mountain facility in Los Angeles.

“Two weeks ago, we were doing a tape transfer and in one of the two-inch [recording tape] boxes we found the original lyrics to ‘Kiss,’” Carter told

In a Q&A interview, Carter said Prince “wrote down his thoughts and plans and how he ran his business, so he pretty much left a blueprint of how things should go…Seeing some of his notes and tape notes, you really get an idea of how his mind worked, and I’m honored to get a glimpse of his process.”

Carter declined to discuss any other Prince projects under consideration.

The entertainment adviser did mention two new family-sanctioned websites:, which welcomes fans to contribute comments, and, which features an annotated discography.

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