Our resident culture critic (okay, he's done it once before for us), Jordan Muschler, 9, reviews "A Christmas Story," on until Dec. 31 at Children's Theater Company. Jordan is the son of my co-worker, Karen, and grandson of former Strib movie critic Bob Lundegaard.




A Christmas Story has been both a book and a movie before. I was definitely excited for the play to come out, but I was nervous, too, because I did not want to see people mess up “A Christmas Story,” and you’d know how I felt if you’ve read the book or seen the movie.

However, you’ll think that they did not mess it up. In fact, you’ll be laughing too hard to even notice anything that is bad about A Christmas Story!

The introduction actually surprised me a little. When the guy walks out and you realize that that is not Ralphie’s dad. You think, “Did I go into the right play?” The book wasn’t like that.

And then you realize that you went into the right play -- you can’t take everything from a book! (But you can take everything from a movie, even though it would probably be really bad.) He is the older version of Ralphie.

The story is about a boy, Ralphie, who wants an air rifle B.B.Gun for Christmas.

But his mom and dad and teacher tell him he’ll shoot his eye out and he thinks his little brother will get everything he wants. The play follows the book and the movie, some stuff is even funnier – like getting ready for school and Ralphie’s first cuss word.

The actors all were great, and Scut Farkus( the bully) definitely does a good job of being totally fake, then, in his last scene, rising up and showing that he can act.

Also, as I already said, the comedic moments are great, but they’re more than that, they’re the strongest part of the play. They combine totally surprising you with knowing what’s about to happen. It had me laughing out loud.

They do a good enough job with the special effects, but the gunshots are kind of cheesy, yet hilarious. If you think of comparing the book to the movie to the play, it will be pretty hard to because they are all hilarious and entertaining.

If you ask me, I think that the play is the most funny, but the book and the movie are better. I also think that I might do a special called, “A Christmas Story vs. “A Christmas Story vs. “A Christmas Story?! If you love the movie and you love the book, than what are you waiting for? Go and see it, because it’s a great play.

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Jordan Muschler and proud granddad, Bob Lundegaard