Good news: it won't snow anytime soon. No flying monkeys on Doppler. No hail the size of beach balls or Texas-size tornadoes — the atmosphere is too cool and stable. Think of all the money you'll save on sunscreen and A/C in the coming days! Is any of this helping? I didn't think so.

So let me ask an impertinent question: How many times do you have to get hit over the head with a (soggy) 2-by-4 before you start to pay attention? According to friend and climate guru Mark Seeley, this is the sixth time in the past seven years that May is trending wetter than average across Minnesota. Like it or not our climate is getting wetter.

No all-day rains are brewing, but a cold storm in the upper atmosphere will ignite a few popcorn instability showers this afternoon, again on Memorial Day — along with a brisk northwest wind and temperatures dropping into the low 60s tomorrow. Only the brave and foolish will risk a dip in the lake.

If it's any consolation the European (ECMWF) model brings 80s into town next weekend. With a little effort you may even be able to work up a sweat. Imagine that.