A few years ago audiences watched in horror as Arkin (Josh Stewart) endured all manner of torture in Marcus Dunstan's "The Collector."

Now audiences get the chance to cheer/squirm along as Arkin exacts revenge in Dunstan's follow-up, "The Collection." The sequel picks up with Arkin escaping from the Collector's box during a sexually charged entrapment party at a dance club. But the Collector won't go long without a victim. After destroying dozens of people with his wicked assortment of crushing and slicing tools, he takes gorgeous Elena (Emma Fitzpatrick) hostage.

Emma's father hires a team of assassins to invade the Collector's compound, using Arkin as the tip of their spear -- and their bait. The squad has to avoid a series of booby traps, like a torture-porn version of the board game Mouse Trap, in order to reach Elena and save her from certain death in the dark, labyrinthine warehouse.

The chase and escape deliver no palpable sense of fear, and the emotional story underlying the plot has no resonance. The dialogue and most of the performances feel entirely too campy for the movie to be taken seriously -- which may be the point.

Mostly, the sequel feels like an excuse for Dunstan and his effects team to see how creative they can be in the bloody killing of people using all manners of pointy metal objects.