Loretta set me straight during breakfast at the Barn diner in Brainerd on Friday. "God made lousy weather so people would talk about lousy weather instead of other people." She has a point.

Between Monday and Thursday, just over 5 inches of rain pummeled the Twin Cities, with more in some locations. Street flooding, hail and as many as half a dozen tornadoes, in late September? Minnesota weather is frequently freakish.

We are due for a break, and it has arrived. Friday's windblown puddles give way to a fairly nice weekend, with 60s today and low to mid-70s on Sunday.

A family of Alberta clippers swoops out of Canada next week, dragging cooler air in its wake. Monday looks wet, with another round of showers on Thursday. I could see a frost or even a freeze over the northern half of Minnesota by the latter half of next week; GFS guidance is hinting at a metro frost risk Oct. 1-3. A few spasms of chilly air are coming, but I'm predicting a longer, milder-than-average autumn in Minnesota. Thank you, El Niño.