If you ever wanted a house where the walls, ceiling, floors, curtains and furniture match perfectly, now’s your chance.

A home for-sale in the Tyrol Hills neighborhood of Golden Valey is a must-see for wallpaper enthusiasts.

“I knew right away it was a special property and would get some fanfare,” said listing agent Josh Sprague with Lakes Sotheby’s International Realty.

Each bedroom is cast in floor-to-ceiling floral prints and matching bedspreads making it difficult to tell where the walls end and the furniture begins. One can imagine Don Draper sitting at the desk in the den surrounded by a bright, yellow, geometric pattern. Even the laundry room is draped in wallpaper.

The $674,900 listing sparked a debate on social media when its listing was shared in a closed Facebook group for fans of Twin Cities Mid-Century Modern homes.

“When I look at these pics, I do not see a midcentury masterpiece,” said Terri Bly of Minneapolis and the first memeber of the group to share the home’s listing. “I see a 21st century nightmare.”

Some called it an “abusive use of wallpaper.”

Some swooned, calling it “spectacular … a perfectly preserved jewel box that showcases the owners’ panache + joie de vivre.”

“Someone loved this home with all their might. It says something. It says everything!” wrote another member of the Facebook group. “Oh, only if all of our homes could have just half of the genuine zap of pizazz as this one! Respect their style, even if it’s not your own. It’s a gem of 60s and 70s design.”

Others were simply perplexed at the thought of removing so much wallpaper and curious of the possibility of finding bedspreads to match wallpaper.

“Maybe the new owners can get the carpet to match, get some P. J.s made out of the same material and hide in plain sight,” wrote another.

The 3,827 square-foot home was custom built in 1960 and owned by Shirley and Robert Keller, a residential housing developer.

“He brought all his best people in to do the work,” Sprague said. “But she was the personality of the home and the decorator.”

Shirley Keller lived in the home until she died in November. Her obituary in the Star Tribune revealed she was a buyer for the millinery department at Dayton’s and became an interior designer.

Sprague said the home already has an interested buyer, someone who’s a “midcentury aficionado and looking to preserve what’s there.”

Including some of the wallpaper.

For more information about the home, visit http://joshsprague.com/listings/400-westwood-dr-s-golden-valley-mn-55416/.