What else can you drink on Halloween but a Corpse Reviver?

I reveled in my first at the Southern Food & Beverage Museum in New Orleans several years ago, but the drink had slipped from my radar until I recently found it on the cocktail menu at Burch Pizza in Minneapolis.

Why had I forgotten about this? It has the best attribute of all, which puts it on the top of my drink list: It isn’t insanely sweet.

The Corpse Reviver definitely revives the spirits with equal parts gin, Lillet Blanc (a white wine aperitif), Cointreau (an orange-flavored liqueur) and fresh lemon juice. A bit of anise liqueur gives it just the right bump in flavor (and don’t worry, the drink doesn’t taste of licorice).

It isn’t a beverage for the penny pincher, though, unless you’ve got a well-stocked bar. At least you’ll be ready to revive a whole room full of corpses, should you stumble upon them on All Hallow’s Eve.


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