By DJ Kayser, filling in for Douglas:

Did you enjoy the sweltering weather across southern Minnesota this weekend? I, for one, did not; during this type of weather, you can typically find me in front of the air conditioner, patiently waiting for the next cold front to blow through the region. Yes, even the meteorologist gets to complain about the weather every once in a while.

The dew point — a measure of the amount of moisture in the air — hit an oppressive 78F Saturday evening at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. That's the highest we've seen since 2011, which was the year we saw a record 82F dew point on July 19. According to the State Climatology Office, the Twin Cities area has only recorded 28 hours since 1945 with a dew point of 80F or higher.

Cooler highs and lower dew points return as we begin this new workweek; however, a few showers and storms may linger across southern Minnesota today. We'll see drier weather for the middle of the week in the Twin Cities before more chances of storms arrive by next weekend.