As I have said before, only in Minnesota can you be knee-deep in mud with dust blowing in your face. The Midwest boomeranged from the coldest April to the hottest May. Late spring pockets of drought Up North, then a possible 500-year flood from near Duluth into northwest Wisconsin.

Farmers in southern Minnesota are shaking their collective fists at the sky. The pattern has been supernaturally persistent, with a parade of slow-moving storms soaking southern counties, week after week. One to two months worth of rain fell this week, with more than 4 inches at Fairmont and 7 at Luverne. There is standing water in many fields.

I see a dry sky today with sunshine spilling into much of the weekend. A stray storm may bubble up Sunday, with more numerous and heavy storms arriving Monday and Tuesday. Enjoy this comfortable front, because European guidance hints at highs well up into the 90s next weekend. At the rate we're going. we may wind up with 20 to 25 days or more above 90F this year. Average for our summer is 13 days.