A club for artisanal chocolates

Here's an idea for a hard-to-shop-for chocolate lover. Chocolate BonaVita is a local organization that researches, educates and provides the best chocolate on the planet through classes, tastings and, now, a mail-order club for people who may be too busy for events. Four times a year, in October, December, February and April -- no chocolate in the summer mail -- members receive internationally lauded chocolates, as well as a tasting guide and pairing suggestions. There's also a tasting party in January. Cost is $160. Classes (for $35) are described at www.chocolatebonavita.com. Ten percent of profits go to the Rainforest Rescue program.

Mississippi Market delivers

Mississippi Market Natural Foods Co-op announces a delivery service to 17 ZIP codes in St. Paul and surrounding suburbs. Visit www.msmarket.coop, click on the "Mississippi Market at your door" logo, then browse to make your selections, paying the same prices as if you were shopping at the co-op. Choose same-day delivery ($14.95 delivery fee) or schedule delivery for the next day or a day that fits their schedule ($9.95 fee).

Jamie, eight times a year

Move over, Martha. Jamie Magazine, featuring the culinary talents of British chef Jamie Oliver, has launched an edition for the United States and Canada. Each edition of the magazine, started in 2008, has more than 120 recipes, tips, travel stories and interviews. A downloadable app also allows you to point your phone at the cover to open videos, generate a shopping list and more. Subscriptions are available at www.jamiemag.com.

iGrill helps U grill

Jennie-O, which takes food safety "as seriously as we take great taste," wants to keep you on the phone by partnering with iGrill, an app-enabled wireless Bluetooth meat thermometer. Now you can watch your iPod/iPhone/iPad to check meat temps from your couch. The device is getting good reviews for long meat smokes or roasts, whether indoors or out. The free iGrill app for iOS also has Facebook integration for uploading photos of what you're cooking to the iGrill Facebook page -- as well as a globe feature that shows real-time locations of people using the iGrill all over the world. Which is ... weird. It's about $80 at www.igrillinc.com.