Ada-Borup took the opening drive 55 yards, made a 2-point conversion and has continued to move the ball well from there in this morning's 9-man state semifinal.

It leads Nicollet 19-8 after two quarters. Ada-Borup has 187 yards on the ground already.

Heck, the Cougars are even making plays when there's no time on the clock.

As Ada-Borup lined up for second and goal from the 5 late in the first quarter, all zeros soon appeared on the scoreboard. One problem: no one on the field noticed. So they ran a play, got two yards then everyone had a good laugh when the Dome's P.A. announcer called out, "A reminder to officials, the quarter has ended."

Pretty funny. The Cougars then made a short field goal two plays later - with a full 11:52 remaining in the second quarter.

After a disastrous first quarter (finishing in negative yardage numbers and only having the ball for 2:01) Nicollet has some life. Going almost exclusively through the air, the Raiders have managed 103 yards of offense. Seven of those (on, uh, nine carries) have come on the ground.

Ada-Borup's Bill Atwood hasĀ 89 yards rushing at the half; Yuri Johnson and Aaron Olson have combined for the other workload.