This is the scene that police and emergency responders are dealing with at 35th Street at the top of the ramp from southbound I-35W in Minneapolis.

Traffic exiting from 35W onto Stevens Avenue is allowed to turn right onto 35th Street, but cross traffic is being forced to turn left onto Stevens.  Look for this to be in place for the next while.

A crash on eastbound 394 at Park Place Blvd. has just cleared and traffic is recovering nicely. Delays have dissipated and the ride from 494 into downtwon is back to 10 minutes.

Earlier on Tuesday, commuters were inconvenienced by a handful of crashes, but none led to any major delays. Wrecks on northbound 35W at 106th Street took out a couple lanes around 8 a.m. and gummed up traffic for about 15 minutes.

A stall and a crash on southbound 35E at Arlington Avenue had traffic jammed heading into downtown St. Paul between 7:30 a.m. and 8 a.m. Police made quick work of the incidents, and traffic got back up to speed quickly.

One other incident of note was the closure of Lafayette Road at University Avenue. A car hit a power pole around 6 a.m. and the road was shut down for about 2 hours while power lines were removed and the car hauled away.  The road is back open.

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