The deer and the antelope came to play on metro area freeways this morning. The most notable was a doe that was shot in the median of Hwy. 280 at I-35W in Roseville. That drama just after 7 a.m. created a huge bottleneck for commuters on westbound Hwy. 36 and southbound 35W for about 30 minutes.

Southbound 35W had other troubles, too. A crash at 95th Avenue early in the rush caused traffic to knot up and the congestion that resulted lasted well into the rush, not loosening until after 8:15 a.m. At the worst, the trip from Lexington Avenue to downtown Minneapolis reached 40 minutes.  Things are back to speed now, with only 18 minutes needed.

A semitrailer versus car crash had the northbound lanes of Hwy. 169 at Hwy. 282 in Jordan closed for more than an hour.  Ahead, traffic flowed nicely arcoss the Bloomington Ferry Bridge all morning.

North metro commuters on Hwy. 65 had no hassles this morning as we have had in the past two morning commutes.

As we end the rush, the remains of a five-car crash on the ramp from Penn Avenue to eastbound 394 has traffic heading into Minneapolis sputtering from Hwy. 100 to Dunwoody.

In Woodbury, it sounds like a bad crash on Radio Drive and Seasons Pkwy. A bus is involved.

Transit providers didn't report any delays or hassles for bus and train riders.

That's it for Wednesday. I'll be back Thursday with more live reports on the morning drive to work and school.  A bit later this morning, I'll have a rundown on several road construction projects taking place overnight tonight.

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