The big hangup as we end the rush hour is a rollover crash on westbound 94 at Hwy. 61. That is taking out the left two lanes and traffic is at a near standstill back to McKnight Road.

Ahead, we have a fender bender on the right shoulder near Hiawatha Avenue. That's enough to bring traffic to a slow roll into downtown Minneapolis.

Until now, things had been fairly quiet on the roads. 

The normal jam ups on southbound 35W from the north into Minneapolis and on northbound 35W from the south.   The area between County 42 and the Minnesota River had two crashes and two incidents of animals running on the road that led to the sluggish conditions that remained in place for most of the morning.

Travel times were high on southbound 35E from the Forest Lake Split into downtown St. Paul as congestion made that a 25 to 30-minute ride during the heart of the rush.

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