Black ice was not a problem for Thursday's rush hour and that meant fewer crashes across the system. Overall it was a routine drive to work for most people, but a few accidents did tangle traffic.

One of the worst drives was on southbound 35E from 694 to downtown St. Paul. A couple stalls and one crash between Maryland Avenue and Cayuga Street led to delays for most of the morning. At present, pockets of congestion remain from Hwy. 36 to downtown St. Paul.

In Burnsville, police have reduced westbound County 42 to a single lane at Plymouth Avenue. Traffic is being routed around a crash at 35E where a vehicle slammed into a traffic signal.

On eastbound 394, the left lane is blocked with a crash in the left lane at Penn Avenue. Traffic slows at France Avenue.

Westbound 94 is flowing better now that a stall inside the Lowry Hill Tunnel has been towed away. Commuters can expect pockets of slow traffic from Riverside Avenue to 11th Street.

Westbound Hwy. 36 was plugged up for the middle portion of the rush, but at present things have loosened up and traffic is moving at near the posted speeds.

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