We had fewer crashes today than we had yesterday, but the drive to work still proved to be tough for commuters on a number of routes.

Drivers on westbound 94 endured the worst of things with drive times rivaling those seen during inclement weather. Today, just congestion and a couple crashes in downtown Minneapolis made the drive from the St. Paul suburbs to downtown Minneapolis as long as 45 minutes at times. Currently that is 25 minutes from Manning Avenue to Riverside Avenue.

Currently on the system the State Patrol is dealing with a motorcycle crash on southbound 494 at 49th Avenue. No injuries reported with this one, but traffic is slow from Bass Lake Road.

The tough spots at this hour are on eastbound 394, which is plugged from Hwy. 169 over to 94. Northbound 35W also is jammed from Crosstown to downtown Minneapolis. Both drives will take 17 to 20 minutes.

Southbound 94 also is stagnant from Broadway to 35W. That is 10 to 12 minutes.



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