The latest deluge has brought flood waters back to Cedar Avenue near the Mall of America.  Water is up to drivers' doors on the southbound lanes, and northbound is swamped in the exit ramps leading to the Mall of America.

Reports also indicate that American Blvd. near the Water Park of America is under water as is the intersection of 66th and Penn Av.

As far as crashes go, look for jammed conditions on westbound 94 at the Lowry Hill Tunnel where a crash on the north end has been blocking a lane for more than 30 minutes.

We've also got one on the collector ramp from westbound 394 to southbound Hwy. 100.

Travel times continue to be higher than normal for this time of the day. The worst might be on southbound Hwy. 100 from 36th Avenue in Robbinsdale to Crosstown. That still nearly 30 minutes.

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