The tangled mess on Hwy. 36 continues with a crash on the right shoulder at the railroad bridge just east of 35E. It's 14 minutes from White Bear Avenue to 35W.

You'll find congestion on westbound 94 resulting from a pair of wrecks on the right shoulder at Park Avenue. Still, only 5 minutes from Hwy. 280 to the Lowry Hill Tunnel.

The drive on southbound Hwy. 169 is hampered a bit with wrecks on the right shoulder at 36th Avenue and Medicine Lake Road.

On northbound 35W, a stall in the carpool lane at Lake Street has been towed away, but the backup to the Crosstown Commons remains in place. Plan on 17 minutes from 62 to 94.



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8:10 a.m. update: Looking better on 169; tough on 35W

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7 a.m. update: One trouble spot on Hwy. 36; good elsewhere