A meet-n-greet on the left shoulder of northbound 35W at 42nd Street has traffic tight coming up from the Crosstown. Plan on 20 minutes to reach downtown.

Watch out for a crash involving a motorcycle on eastbound Crosstown just west of 494. Elsewhere on the Crosstown, the drive is rotten. Westbound is 30 minutes from Hwy. 55 over to Hwy. 100. Eastbound is 25 minutes from Gleason Road over to 35W.

Northbound 35E is struggling from 494 to 94. A crash at Wagon Wheel Trail is adding to the misery.

Northbound Hwy. 169 is plagued with heavy traffic due to an earlier accident at the Bloomington Ferry Bridge. Plan on 20 minutes from Canterbury Rd. to 494.

Westbound 94 is not a picnic either. It's crammed from Manning Avenue over to Hwy. 280, making for a 25-minute ride.

Eastbound 94 slows approching Maple Grove Pkwy. where there is a wreck on the right. It's 18 minutes from Hwy. 101 to 494.


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