You'll find slow traffic on northbound 35E from Lone Oak Road to Grand Avenue. That's 17 minutes.

Stop-and-go conditions on eastbound 394 from Hwy. 169 to Penn Avenue.

Look for slowdows on southbound Hwy. 169 from Medicine Lake Rd. to Hwy. 7.

Slick roads on eastbound 212 is making the trip from Hwy. 101 to 494 quite slow. Plan on 25 minutes.

Things are slow on southbound 35E from County 96 to Pennsylvania Avenue due to earlier crashes that have cleared.

The crash on westbound 494 at Concord is gone, but big delays remain. It's 46 minutes from Valley Creek Road to 35E.

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8:25 a.m. update: Things are getting better on 494, 212

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