A ladder that fell off a vehicle on northbound 35W at 76th Street is causing a hazard for drivers. Many have not been able to avoid it. The ladder, crushed and posing a real danger to drivers.  Reminder to those hauling equipment. Make sure it is tied down tight.

Ahead, MnDOT is working to cut out a piece of rubber protruding from an expansion joint on the bridge of northbound 35W at 60th Street. Unlike the ladder, if you hit it, you won't do any damage to your vehicle.

Travel times along eastbound 394 are rising. It's 15 minutes or so from 494 to downtown Minneapolis.

Not much relief for northbound Cedar Avenue drivers. It's still about 20 minutes from Apple Valley up to the Crosstown.

Eastbound 94 is still seeing its share of traffic from the Crow River to the Fish Lake Split. That is running about 15 to 18 minutes. Look out for a spinout at 101st Avenue.

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