A crash with lots of debris is taking out two left lanes on northbound 35W at 50th Street. Traffic quickly backing up to the Crosstown Commons.

Traffic is not moving fast at all on westbound 94. It's 18 minutes from 694 in Oakdale to downtown St. Paul. Then add another 20 from 35E to 11th Street in downtown Minneapolis.

A nice line of traffic is developing on southbound 94 approaching the Lowry Hill Tunnel. Look for a crash on the left shoulder at 7th Street.

Debris is scattered on the road on westbound 394 at Hopkins Crossroad.

Our toughest drives are on:
Southbound 35E, 23 minutes from County Road J to 694

Southbound 35W, 19 minutes from County Road I to Hwy. 280.

Westbound Hwy. 36, 19 minutes from Hwy. 61 to Hwy. 280.

Northbound 35W, 18 minutes from the Burnsville Split to the Crosstown.

Look for pockets of congestion on the Crosstown in both directions from 28th Avenue to Hwy. 100.


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