A crash on the right shoulder of eastbound 394 at Dunwoody Blvd. is slowing traffic from Hwy. 100 to 94. Highway Helper just picked up debris in the right lane.

We have several spots where congestion is building and adding a few minutes to the drive. They are:

Westbound 694 from 35E over to 35W.

Westbound Crosstown from 28th Avenue to 35W.

Southbound 94 from 49th Avenue to the Lowry Hill Tunnel.

Northbound 169 from Anderson Lakes Pkwy. to 494.

Northbound 35W from 46th Street to 94.

694 in both directions approaching 35W in New Brighton.

Westbound Hwy. 36 is quite heavy from 35E to 35W. That is 18 minutes.

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