It's hit or miss out on the roads at this hour with traffic flowing freely in some places and clogging up in others.

One of our slowest drives is on westbound I-94 from Woodbury into downtown St. Paul. It's 20 minutes or a shade over from Manning Avenue to I-35E.

Speaking of 35E, somebody lost a drive shaft just south of the 694 interchange. The oddities you can spot on the roads.  Traffic his thick from Little Canada Road into downtown St. Paul.

Look for spurts of fast-moving traffic and then sudden slow downs on westbound 494 from Hwy. 61 over to Hwy. 100. Plan on 20 minutes for that trip.

That irritating lane closure on eastbound 94 at Huron Blvd. is starting to have an effect. Things sputter along from Portland Avenue to Hwy. 280.

Northbound 35W has its usual stagnation from County 42 up to 86th Street, while eastbound Hwy. 212 has lost momentum from Dell Road over to 494.

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