We have not had any crashes this morning and hopefully that trend will continue.

On the congestion front, not so lucky. We have crowded conditions on southbound 35W from Lake Drive to Hwy. 280. That drive will take you 13 minutes.

Southbound 35E is running at about 14 minutes from 694 down to 94. Northbound 35E coming into downtown St. Paul slows from Victoria St up to 94.

We have no major delays in the south metro, but roads are turning wet and traffic levels are building. Look for pockets of slow traffic on:
Westbound 494 from Cedar Avenue over to Hwy. 100, 12 minutes.

Northbound Hwy. 169 from Hwy. 101 up to 494, 7 minutes.

Northbound 35W from Burnsville Pkwy. up to 494, 9 minutes.

In the north metro:
Southbound Hwy. 100 from 94 to 394, 9 minutes.

Eastbound Hwy. 10 from Hwy. 169 over to Central Avenue is 14 minutes.





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