In 2011, congestion caused urban Americans to travel 5.5 billion hours more and to purchase an extra 2.9 billion gallons of fuel for a congestion cost of $121 billion.  Today's snow event will add to those numbers here in the Twin Cities.

One lane is blocked on eastbound 94 at 35E north. Heading over to Minneapolis? Give yourself 15 to 20 minutes. The Midway has been very slippery today with a few crashes earlier.

Southbound 35E is clogged from Hwy. 36 to 94. A crash is taking out the left lane at University Avenue.

Look for a wreck on westbound Hwy. 110 at 35E.

Hopefully that box truck blocking the left lane on eastbound 94 outside the Lowry Hill Tunnel will be out of there soon. Traffic is slow starting at Broadway.

The drive on southbound 494 is 20 minutes from 94 to 394.

On southbound 35W, allow 15 minutes from Hwy. 10 to Hwy. 280.

Both northbound 35W and Cedar Avenue look average this morning with 15 to 20 minutes from County 42 to the Crosstown.


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