Here is a look at new and soon-to-be-released comics, some of which are ripe for film or television adaptations, as happens so often these days. Enjoy.

"Once & Future": "Yes, dear," Bridgette McGuire says. "Do change the channel if you really want … but broken fingers take so long to heal at our age." Those are the first words uttered by the British Bridgette McGuire, who is listening intently to the TV in the common room of her nursing home. She leaps into action upon learning that a stolen artifact is tied to a nationalist plot to resurrect someone who may not have good intentions for England. Can Bridgette, who thought her monster-hunting days were over, and Duncan, her hapless grandson, keep "Britain's darkest hour" from happening? (Written by Kieron Gillen and drawn by Dan Mora. On sale now.)

"Omni": The Earth is going through major ecological changes and fights back by somehow giving people special abilities. One of them is Cecelia Cobbina, a physician serving with Doctors Without Borders when her ability, a hyperintelligence, activates. Her friends think they are now living in a superhero story, but she sees it as a medical mystery. Cecelia is a confident and engaging character that you immediately want to see succeed. (Written by Devin Grayson and drawn by Alitha E. Martinez. On sale now.)

"The Black Ghost": Lara Dominguez is a police reporter at a struggling newspaper who is obsessed with getting an exclusive story on the Black Ghost, a vigilante the city is reluctant to acknowledge. Lara is assisted by Lone, an online stranger and great source of information. When Lone tells her about a drug shipment coming to the docks, Lara's investigation takes an unexpected turn. (Written by Alex Segura and Monica Gallagher and drawn by George Kambadais. Arrives Sept. 18.)

"The Plot": The first third of this comic lures readers into a family drama involving two estranged brothers, Charles and Chase, whose father has a mental illness. But by page 13, there is a bog monster and two killings. Chase finds himself raising his niece and nephew and moving them to a new home, which is haunted — and the nearby lake is, too. There is a great balance between realistic dialogue and unspeakable horror and a cliffhanger that practically demands the reading of the next issue. (Written by Tim Daniel and Michael Moreci and drawn by Joshua Hixson. Arrives Sept. 25.)

"Sentient": It is 2105 and the Earth has 10 years left of habitability. Onboard a colony spaceship, a crew member goes rogue and kills the others. The children are spared thanks to VALERIE, the artificial intelligence unit running the ship. TKO Studios, the comic's publisher, allows for all parts of its series to be bought digitally or ordered as single issues or collected editions on the day of release, so binge away, if you like. (Written by Jeff Lemire and drawn by Gabriel Walta. Arrives Oct. 15.)