John Raymond, “Real Feels” (2016): The album that greatly expanded the label’s national profile, it spins Americana and pop standards in a jazz vein with a Midwestern feel via a distinctive trumpet-guitar-drums trio.

Atlantis Quartet, “X” (2016): Label founder Zacc Harris is a charter member of this adventurous Twin Cities ensemble. This digital-only compendium of their first decade together is a solid primer.

Red Planet with Bill Carrothers (2017): The squirrelly, Coltrane-inflected ethereality of guitarist Dean Magraw in this superb local trio finds its ideal complement in the surprisingly raucous contemplations of pianist Carrothers.

Thomas Nordlund, “Miles Left Behind” (2018): Spacious but not aimless atmospherics from guitarist Nordlund, a master of slow explosions, with the banjo work of Ben Abrahamson providing a delightful contrast.

Johannes Wallmann, “Day and Night” (2018): Director of jazz studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, German-born bassist Wallmann corrals a top-notch ensemble of jazz luminaries including saxophonist Dayna Stephens, trumpeter Brian Lynch and Real Feels drummer Colin Stranahan.