The serialized format of comic books (like "Preacher") is ideal for adapting to television. Here are four classic series that would make for great TV:

100 Bullets

Inside this case you will find irrefutable proof of someone who has done you wrong, a gun and 100 untraceable bullets. What you choose to do with this diabolical gift is up to you. What begins as a series of self-contained revenge stories reveals itself to be a sweeping story dating back to the birth of our country.

Will we see it? A planned TV series came close, but was abandoned. A film adaptation produced by Tom Hardy has been announced.


On the run from the evil "Adversary," the characters from the stories we grew up with are real, almost immortal and secretly living among us. The Big Bad Wolf upholds the law. Cinderella is a super spy. And Little Boy Blue is the hero we all wish we could be.

Will we see it? ABC picked up the rights, but then "Once Upon a Time" happened. This far superior story will likely never find life off the printed page.

Locke and Key

After the tragic death of their father, three school-age siblings discover that their family home is a magical space and that there are evil beings tied to their family's past who desire that power.

Will we see it? A pilot was ordered by Fox and well received when screened at Comic-Con, but was abandoned. Series creator Joe Hill has recently resurrected plans to bring it to the small screen.

Y The Last Man

When every Y-chromosome-carrying creature on Earth drops dead — except for a young man and his pet monkey — they quickly learn that being the world's most eligible bachelor isn't all it's cracked up to be. Every woman wants something from the last man on Earth. Unfortunately, some of them want him dead.

Will we see it? A film adaptation fell apart and it is now rumored to be in development as a series at FX.


The Lord of Dreams and his siblings Destiny, Death, Dream, Destruction, Despair, Desire and Delirium were here when the world began, but they might not all see the end. This 75-issue run by Neil Gaiman is Graphic Novel 101 required reading.

Will we see it? A movie adaptation led by Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the most recent of many attempts to fall apart.

Mike Rice