Four more out of staters have admitted to be among seven people suspected of using bogus credit cards and swiftly siphoning tens of thousands of dollars from four Indian-run casinos in remote locations in northern Minnesota.

Pleading guilty Friday in federal court in Minneapolis to conspiracy and aggravated identity theft were: Elias Rodriguez, 30, of New York; Geetha Leena, 28, of Las Vegas; Agustine H. Gueits, 28, of New York; and Anuedi Rivera-Bido, 29, of New York.

According to their plea agreements:

On Sept. 6 and 7, the four obtained cash advances of more than $35,000 using counterfeit credit cards in other people's names at three Leech Lake band casinos (White Oaks, Northern Lights and Palace) and one Boise Forte band casino (Fortune Bay). The advances ranged in size from $4,000 to $5,000.

Casino employees notified law enforcement of their suspicions early on Sept. 7, and the suspects were caught that same day at the Palace Casino in Cass Lake.

On March 17, another defendant admitted his involvement. Anthony Rodriguez, 26, of New York, pleaded guilty to the same charges.

Two others charged, Lisa M. Cruz, age 38, of New York, and Katina M. Stamat, age 33, of Tampa, Fla., remain at large.

Sentencing for the five has yet to be scheduled.