24 Hour Rainfall. MSP International Airport in Richfield has picked up 3.95", with the south metro seeing the heaviest rains since midnight, over 4" at Eden Prairie and Edina with 6" reported at Carver. Keep in mind average monthly rainfall for June is just over 4". Many neighborhoods picked up a month's worth of rain in 5-8 hours this morning, falling on top of saturated ground. It's the most rain to fall since October 4, 2005, when 4.61" of rain fell at MSP.

From Pete Boulay at the Minnesota Climate Office:

June 2014 has been memorable for the widespread rain events across Minnesota and will finish as one of the wettest Junes on record in the Twin Cities. June 19 is also the wettest calendar day in the Twin Cities in nine years. So far the Twin Cities International Airport has recorded 3.95 inches of rain as of 1pm on June 19th. This is enough to be the 8th wettest calendar day on record in the Twin Cities with records going back to 1871. The highest calendar day rainfall total is 9.15 inches on  July 23, 1987  in the "Super Storm." The last time there was a rainfall total on a calendar day higher than June 19th in the Twin Cites was 4.61 inches on  October 4, 2005.

Top Ten Calendar Day Precipitation

Totals in the Twin Cities


Rank Value (in) Date


1.   9.15      Jun 23, 1987 (super storm)

2.   7.28      Aug 30, 1977 (state fair storm)

3.   4.96      Sep 12, 1903

4.   4.61      Oct  4, 2005

5.   4.07      Jul 27, 1949

6.   3.95*     Jun 19, 2014

7.   3.75      Sep 18, 1905

      3.75      Jul 11, 1909 (tie)

9.   3.71      Jul 17, 1997

10.  3.64      Aug 21, 1924

*as of 1pm.

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