As we were doing the big New Year's Eve countdown, my oldest wondered why everyone made such a big fuss, and why on earth anyone would want to be packed into Times Square.

Times Square is all about the experience, I said. And the rest? It's all about possibility.

Possibility, of course, is why there are New Year's resolutions and why Slim-Fast is now front and center with the discounted holiday candy. It's also why stores have begun taunting us with "let us help you get organized" advertisements. They know we're coming off a hectic holiday season, and they're marketing possibility.

Me? I'm a sucker for all things organization. Never met a plastic tote I couldn't fill or a closet system I didn't covet. I believe the world would be a better place if everyone had a label maker and have such a love of filing that I need a filing system for my filing system. Yet at the start of every year, I find myself being swayed by the promises of organized living. I am their target market. Just think of the possibilities.

This year I started by cleaning out the Christmas bins, combining ornament boxes and finally getting rid of anything cracked or broken. I now have my Christmas card list on a spreadsheet and have double-checked this year's addresses with my list, and checked it twice. Yes, I'm off to a great start.

They say out with the old, in with the new, right? Nowhere is this more true than with toys. So buoyed by the promise of possibility, I tackled my son's room -- land of the Legos. Out went the toys and books he's outgrown -- and a very large bag of garbage -- and in with this year's crop of toys and books. Yes, I now have momentum. The possibilities seem endless.

I now have designs on the basement. Saturday is paint the bathroom day; trips to home improvement stores have been planned. Drywall will be patched; there will be more painting. Shelves will be culled, treasures uncovered, lost things found (here's hoping we unearth a cell phone) -- there will most definitely be plastic totes and shelving or cubbies involved. Yes, the possibilities are indeed endless.

Do you find yourself revitalized at the start of a new year? What are you hoping your possibilities are?