Old clips featuring Kirby Puckett and Donny Osmond are the real entertainment in an interview of Fancy Ray Mc-Cloney, celebrating his 20th year as the self-proclaimed "Best Lookin' Man in Comedy."

To celebrate this milestone, Fancy Ray is performing at 8:30 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays this month at Scott Hansen's Comedy Gallery at the Burns Avenue Holiday Inn on the East Side of St. Paul.

In video clips included with the interview I did with Fancy Ray for StarTribune.com, Puck refused to dance along to the "Da Butt" with Fancy Ray, while Osmond had a question about the "best lookin'" phrase in the comedian's stage sobriquet: "Did you give yourself that name?"

There is also a touch of gossip about Fancy Ray's girlfriend of the past eight years, Andrea McPipe. How does she feel about Fancy Ray being a shameless flirt? "Jealousy, sometimes," reported Trevon, Fancy Ray's handsome son from another relationship, and the best-looking male in the McCloney family.

At Fancy Ray's request, I also taped another interview with him at the Minneapolis Television Network that is airing throughout May on cable Channels 6 and 16. He was himself -- as in typically inappropriate -- while I pulled a couple of punches.

"I've got to get ready," said Ray, who needed to find the blazer he was wearing.

"Oh yeah," said Hamil Griffin-Cassidy, production specialist at MTN, "got to zip up your fly."

Ray told Cassidy: "That was for C.J. to notice."

Cleaning it up for a family newspaper, let's just say that I told Ray I might never have noticed this because I've convinced myself that he doesn't have this particular organ. The MTN crew loved it!

After sitting through both interviews with Fancy Ray, I've started to worry that his profuse sweating problem might be menopause-related.

"What happens is that when I'm close to you," Ray cooed, "I sweat." Me, too, because he's scary.

Look before you Tweet

At least one Timberwolf is rather particular about getting his claws clipped.

"Just got TMZ'd outside the nail salon," Kevin Love posted on twitter.com. The Timberwolves forward had just stepped outside of a Los Angeles nail salon when the TMZ camera caught him.

I was drifting off to dreamland when this was on TMZ's TV show Tuesday night, but I'm pretty sure that staffers had to tell Harvey ("I'm a lawyer") Levin who Love was. Right back at 'cha, Levin, as Love tweeted: "Fill me in on TMZ ...?"

Responding to something written by somebody following him, Love wrote: "Haha told you I wasn't lying about the pedicure ... and like I said nothing wrong with a man taking care of himself."

Kevin, dear Love, one of the best ways to take care of yourself is to avoid taxis driven by intoxicated cabbies. Maybe you mis-tweeted, but this is what you wrote: "Forgot to say Happy Cinco De Mayo to all my people ... be safe, at least let a drunk taxi driver steer you around. They are professionals."

Did I miss a "Jimmy Kimmel Live" appearance about which Love seems to be tweeting?

Twitter coach needed

Speaking of Twitting, thanks to the readers who helped me locate that unkind tweet that Gophers football coach Tim Brewster posted about Strib sportswriter Patrick Reusse.

Brewster was reportedly ordered to remove the Reusse tweet!! Of course, there is no such thing as totally removing a tweet!!!

Brewster's tweets, it has been pointed out to me, read as though typed by a high schooler because he overuses exclamation points!!!! Coach's Twitter.com posts underscore Brewster's need to spend time with someone at the U who teaches English. "Your" for "you're." That's terrible, coach.

Kick-off party

Should Bebe Zahara Benet kick anybody, particularly a photographer, we'll know that RuPaul was a very poor influence.

The winner of "RuPaul's Drag Race" is going to open at Trocaderos on Saturday for former Viking Esera Tuaolo's party celebrating his new CD, "Esera." The event is a benie for Bridge for Youth, which helps homeless kids. Benet is from Minneapolis by way of Cameroon. Esera is not sure whether Benet will "sing live or do a Britney."

As for the possibility of Benet kicking a photographer as RuPaul did last year, Esera said Benet's "not mean like that."

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