MEXICO CITY — Twenty bodies have been found in two clandestine graves in separate locations in the cartel-plagued state in western Mexico, authorities said Thursday.

Jalisco state attorney general Raul Sanchez Jimenez said 10 bodies were found in Tlajomulco and 10 were found in the Santa Elena de la Cruz neighborhood of Guadalajara. He says they are two separate cases.

Sanchez said in a news conference Thursday that on the night of Aug. 5 local authorities reported a man had been shot near the Tlajomulco property and later died after seeking medical attention. Authorities identified him as the leader of the local cell of the Jalisco New Generation cartel.

Authorities began investigating the Guadalajara bodies last week and discovered the Tlajomulco ones on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Jalisco is home to the powerful and violent Jalisco New Generation Cartel.

In Mexico's capital, authorities announced on Thursday the arrest of the alleged leader of a gang blamed for drug dealing, extortion and killings.

National Security Commissioner Renato Sales said the suspected head of the Tepito Union gang known as "El Betito" was detained Wednesday in a southwestern neighborhood. He didn't give a full name, but local media reported it as Roberto Moyado Esparza.

Sales said "El Betito," 37, had used hair implants and lost more than 66 pounds (30 kilograms) through gastric bypass surgery to try to escape recognition.

Sales said the suspect is presumed to oversee the Tepito Union gang's drug sales, extortion and protection rackets in upscale neighborhoods, as well as robbery and money laundering, especially in the central borough of Cuauhtemoc. He is also being investigated in connection with various murders.

The Tepito Union takes its name from Mexico City's notoriously gritty Tepito neighborhood.

"El Betito" was detained after anti-drug agents identified him on a street and launched an operation to capture him. He was arrested in possession of 10,000 U.S. dollars, drugs and a handgun, and along with his 50-year-old brother.