If you don't think you'll need more of a sense of humor when you get older you're sorely mistaken. Now being older and less of the world demanding my time, and being able to fish pretty much when I want, and another benny is I am able to afford better equipment, only now I can barely see to tie a hook or fly on the end of my fishing line. So In the same night that I was reading some Kipling in front of a warm fire I was running my dishwasher and when it finished, I went to empty it. Now I have to wear glasses these days to read amongst other things, so I noticed on the front of the dishwasher with my new specks and Having it all these years I never was aware of all the options on the front panel, so for the first time ever, I read the outside of the dishwasher. I had no idea it could perform so many different tasks. Heated this, air dried, pots, pans, light wash, or normal. It has cold cycles, warm or hot cycles from washing, rinsing to drying. What a difference after reading all that. I guess wearing glasses from now on won't be so bad. Now with the dishes being done I went back to my Kipling but this time I was gonna read the "with commentary" from George Orwell with respect to T. S. Eliot who didn't think much in a positive way about Kipling, and imagine this if you will, George Orwell didn't like T.S. Eliot, Again, twice in one night, what a difference after all that reading. So I set the book down, took off my glasses, laid them on a shelf I was walking past, and went to put so more wood on the fire in the fireplace and as I basked in the glow, that made me think I better set the outside wood boiler for the night and after coming back inside I was gonna just knock off a few quick tied flies before bedtime. Funny thing was I couldn't remember for the life of me where I put the new glasses. Oh I could a got mad. I tried several times retracing my steps and then for some odd reason I went to put one of the books back on the shelf and hey, there were my glasses, but then I couldn't recall why I wanted them so badly, so I just went to bed. The trout whisperer

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