A fight in the early hours of July 4th on an Indian reservation road in northern Minnesota left a 17-year-old boy fatally stabbed in the chest and a man charged last week with murder.

Trevor Lee Jones, 20, was charged in federal court in St. Paul in an information filed last week, a document that signals the defendant's intention that he'll admit to second-degree murder in the death of JeRick M. Neadeau on the Red Lake Reservation.

According to the criminal complaint:

Jones, Neadeau and others were "chilling" outside a home, when the two began arguing and later were "on the road hopping back and forth like they were going to fight," one witness told authorities.

Neadeau began running away but fell. A second witness said he saw Jones swing his arms at Neadeau several times, at times striking the teen in the chest.

Seeing that Neadeau was bleeding, the witness and others put him in a car and drove him to Red Lake Hospital, where he died.

Jones was arrested at his girlfriend's home. He told investigators that a buck knife he carries in his waistband must have come out somehow, and that led to Neadeau being stabbed.

Paul Walsh