It's called "captive music." But it's not the music that's being held hostage, it's the listeners. This time of year, it almost always involves Christmas music. It's inevitable, but not inescapable. Here are a dozen places you can visit to get a respite from holiday jingles:

Como Park Conservatory: For those who believe that the holidays should be seen but not heard, there's no yuletide music but there is the Holiday Flower Show.

Science Museum of Minnesota: After sitting through "Tornado Alley" in the Omnitheater, you might crave some soothing carols but you'll have to leave the building to find them.

Minneapolis Central Library: Play holiday music there and you'll get the book thrown at you.

St. Paul Cathedral: Irony aside, there's no Christmas music -- or music of any kind -- piped into the place that stands as a symbol of faith.

Timberwolves game: Yes, there's a lot of loud music, but it's not seasonal music.

Mystic Lake Casino: The last thing a casino wants is to strike a mood that would make you want to spend the holidays with your family -- unless your family is playing the progressive slots.

Minnesota Zoo: The gift shop plays Christmas tunes, but animal sounds provide the background accompaniment elsewhere.

Cecil's Deli: Christmas music is definitely not kosher in this St. Paul eatery.

Hennepin County Government Center atrium: For those overdosed on Christmas music, the separation of church and state never sounded so good.

Parade Ice Garden: Crowd up next to the boards during a hockey game and you're likely to hear plenty of words not normally associated with Christmas.

An art museum: It's art for peace and quiet's sake at Walker Art Center, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and the Weisman Art Museum.

Wood Lake Nature Center: The Richfield park features Mother Nature as its soundtrack.