Gophers football could be in store for its best kicking season in program history … if you believe what you’re about to see.

(Cough, cough: We’re joking and so are these Minnesota student-athletes. But it still might make you laugh.)

The series of kicks documented on the well-edited 27 second video starts with an average distance. Then the tricks start, which feature a 100-plus yard field goal and a bicycle kick field goal, both shown hitting the net in-between the goal posts.

The video appeared on the Gopher Specialists (@MinnSpecialists) Twitter account late Tuesday with the caption “Haters are gonna say it’s fake.” The video already has 1,500 retweets and 2,500 likes.

The specialists have a knack for posting humorous content. In October 2014, the group tweeted a photo of the specialists practice schedule with the following:

1. Drill Field Goals.
2. Nuke Punts.
3. Curls in the Indoor
4. More Curls in the Indoor
5. Talk about chicks
6. More curls in the Indoor
7. Complain about the wind
8. Watch Jeopardy in the locker room
9. End of practice.

There are plenty more funny tweets, so check their feed if you need to smile.

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