Exit ramps are snow covered and slippery and that is creating havoc for semitrailer trucks trying to navigate the turns.

Several have gotten stuck. One truck jackkniffed on the ramp from northbound 35W to westbound Hwy. 13.

The ramp from northbound Hwy. 100 to Glenwood Avenue is shut down as is the ramp from eastbound Crosstown to northbound Hwy. 100.

Look for a truck blocking the ramp from eastbound 94 to Maple Grove Pkwy.

Elsewhere, traffic continues to crawl on most major routes. Accidents are increasing. Look for mishaps on southbound 35W at University Avenue.

Drivers are reporting tricky conditions on the ramp from westbound 94 to westbound 394.

Travel times are still two and three times the normal.

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9:50 a.m. update: Still jammed and lots of crashes, too

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